Wisconsin Meadows

Introducing Wisconsin Meadows Pastured Pork

Green grass, blue sky and the crystal clear waters of Wisconsin are the primary ingredients in Wisconsin Meadows Pastured Pork. (OK, plus some healthy soil to root around in!)

Brought to you from the same farmer-owned co-op that brings you Wisconsin Meadows 100% Grass-fed Beef, our cooperative believes that pastured animals produce the tastiest, healthiest meats. The well-managed pastures on our small family farms protect soil and water resources and provide wildlife habitat. We care about that because we live here, too!

From family farms all across Wisconsin

Wisconsin Meadows Pastured Pork

All our pork products are nitrate-, MSG-, and gluten-free!

Our pork comes from family farms all across the state – from humanely treated pastured hogs born and raised in Wisconsin. Our livestock is naturally and humanely raised without antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. Our hogs are not confined to crates and have outdoor access their entire lives. The piglets are left with their mothers to learn natural rooting and foraging behavior. Low-stress handling and rotational grazing keep both the hogs and the pastures healthy.


  • Naturally raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics
  • No GMOs, chemical herbicides or pesticides used on our pastures
  • Local pork from Wisconsin family farms, who own our cooperative
  • Never fed animal by-products.
  • Humanely raised hogs who spend their entire lives living in Wisconsin meadows!

Contact us for current availability and pricing at: (800) 745-9093

Ingredients: (and a bit of Mud)

The Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative is owned by about 200 Wisconsin family farms all across the state. Wisconsin Meadows™ is the brand name we have chosen for our 100% grass-fed beef and pastured pork. Our aim is to bring locally produced meats to nearby processors and on to restaurants and stores in the nearest markets. Our member farms are committed to producing high quality, sustainably raised meats for Wisconsin. Working cooperatively, we’re able to keep the best interests of both our customers and the families who farm the land in mind. All our board members and employees are farmers, so they work for our members – not the corporate bottom-line. We are grateful to those who support our mission with their food dollars and allow us to keep on grazing!
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